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Built-In Blinds for Sliding and Bifold Doors

Built in door blinds

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January Product Spotlight: Built-In Door Blinds

We love sliding and bifold doors – they seamlessly connect indoor and outdoor spaces throughout the seasons and always elevate a property. But controlling light, privacy, and temperature can be tricky. Enter the ingenious innovation of built-in blinds, sometimes known as integral blinds. These sleek wonders, nestled between the panes of your doors, offer a wealth of benefits that traditional blinds simply can’t match.

The video below shows a recent Habify installation of bifold doors with built in integral blinds – the house is still a building site at the moment (so a little imagination is required!) but these doors are already a great addition.


Unbeatable privacy:

Allow natural light in without sacrificing privacy. Built-in blinds let you adjust the level of exposure with a simple tilt or raise, keeping prying eyes at bay while you enjoy your morning coffee. No more wrestling with curtain cords or worrying about blinds flapping in the breeze.


No cleaning or dusting!:

Anyone who has had slatted blinds in their home they are a dust magnet and the cleaning process, particularly in kitchens and busy living areas – where we often choose to install bifold or sliding doors – can be lengthy and tiresome. Built-in blinds are hermetically sealed within the glass unit, keeping them pristine and eliminating the need for tedious cleaning. 


Energy Efficiency Champion:

These clever contraptions act as an extra layer of insulation, trapping heat in during the winter and reflecting it out in the summer. This translates to reduced energy bills and a more comfortable living environment. Plus, you’ll be doing your part for the planet by conserving energy.


Sleek and Streamlined Aesthetics:

Bifold and sliding doors don’t come cheap, so it is frustrating when you have to then cover up the beauty of your doors with fiddly blinds or curtains which can get caught, broken or completely obscure the natural light. Built-in blinds maintain the clean lines and minimalist appeal of sliding and bifold doors, creating a sophisticated and uncluttered look. Your doors become the star of the show, and the overall ambience is one of sleek elegance.


Beyond the Basics:

Think built-in blinds are just for light control? Think again! Many options offer motorized operation for effortless adjustment, and some even come with smart home integration, allowing you to control them with your voice or phone. Talk about convenience!


A Worthy Investment:

While the initial cost of built-in blinds might be higher than traditional options, the long-term savings in energy bills, cleaning time, and replacement costs make them a worthwhile investment. Plus, the added value they bring to your home is undeniable.


So, are built-in blinds right for you? If you crave effortless privacy, easy maintenance, and a touch of sophisticated style, then the answer is a resounding yes. Let the sunshine in (or not) on your terms, and experience the effortless magic of built-in blinds for your sliding and bifold doors.

We hope this blog has shed some light on the many benefits of built-in blinds. If you have any questions or would like a quote for sliding or bifold doors with built-in blinds in the Norfolk and Suffolk area just contact us via our Get a Quote form or give us a call.