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Conservatory Warm Roof Survey – What our customers say

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Last month we sent a survey out to a selection of customers to gather their thoughts on their Habify conservatory roof replacement. For anyone considering a warm roof replacement on their conservatory, this is a ‘must read’!

We asked:

Do you use your conservatory more now you have a warm roof?

Answer: A resounding 100% yes! Everyone said they use their conservatory more after the roof replacement. 31% said they used it most days and 53% said they now use it every single day.

A solid roof makes a conservatory feel more integrated with the rest of the home – more of an extension than a conservatory, and many of our customers choose to remove the dividing doors completely so the main home flows seamlessly into the conservatory.

We asked:

Has a warm roof changed what you use the conservatory space for?

Answer: 10% of our respondents said ‘No’ – they still use their conservatory for the same uses as prior to their roof replacement, but the other 90% said it has changed. 21% use it as a lounge, 13% use it as a dining room and the remaining majority use it as an extra flex space.

We asked:

Has your warm roof impacted your energy use in a positive way?

Answer: 90% of those surveyed said that they were able to heat their conservatory more effectively after the installation. 10% said it hadn’t impacted their energy use.

Our warm roofs have a maximum U value of 0.145 W/m2K – and the lower the u-value, the better the insulation.

We asked:

What do you enjoy most about your warm roof?

Answer: The resounding 81% said the thing they enjoyed most was simply a more comfortable space. Traditional conservatories are so tricky to get right in terms of comfort, with many key elements such as temperature and light completely out of our control. A solid roof helps to keep those elements in check, so you can enjoy your conservatory in comfort all year round.

Thanks so much to everyone who took part in our survey. To anyone considering a Habify conservatory roof replacement, do get in touch if you have any questions, and if you would like to visit one of our installations to take a look for yourself just ask!