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What are the different types of Roof Lantern?

New extensions in the 2020s just don’t seem complete without a roof lantern. They let in loads of light, look fantastic and thanks to modern tech and engineering are energy efficient, too.

As with most home improvement decisions, there are design choices to be made, and with a high impact installation such as a roof lantern, it is worth taking some time to research your options and understand what kind of lantern or skylight is right for your home.

Roof Lantern White

Roof Lantern Styles:

Traditional Roof Lanterns which tend to be inspired by the Victorian era offer classic elegance. Traditional lanterns have additional rafters for a more ornate look. These are ideal for larger openings or homes with a period style. Historically these would have been crafted from timber, but modern ‘traditional style’ roof lanterns can be made from aluminium.

Traditional Style Roof Lantern
Traditional Style Roof Lantern

Contemporary Roof Lanterns have a sleek, minimalist design and feature clean lines and minimal framework. They use clever angles to maximize light intake and offer a modern touch to your home. Often constructed from aluminium, they typically come in squares and rectangles.

Modern style roof lantern
Contemporary style roof lantern

Other Roof Lantern Options:

Once you’ve chosen your basic style, it’s time to think about the shape and any other functionality you need from your roof lantern.

Pyramid Roof Lanterns: As the name suggests, these feature a pyramid shape, offering a unique aesthetic and excellent rainwater drainage.

Octagonal Roof Lanterns: These multi-faceted beauties provide a regal feel and allow for omnidirectional light. They’re perfect for creating a statement piece in your space.

Opening Roof Lanterns:  These clever lanterns incorporate ventilation options, allowing you to control airflow and regulate temperature.

Obscured glass and / or tint: If you are overlooked or in an exposed area, you might need obscured glass or a glare reducing tint on your roof lantern.

Material Matters

Our Roof Lanterns are typically made from aluminium or timber:

Aluminium:  A popular choice due to its lightweight nature, durability, and sleek aesthetics. Aluminium tends to be more contemporary in style and has a weatherproof powder coating which gives great flexibility on external and internal colour, too. 

Timber:  Exuding a timeless charm, timber lanterns are perfect for traditional properties. However, they require more maintenance than aluminium options.

If a Roof Lantern isn’t right for you (or your roof)

Roof Lanterns are fantastic for flat roofs but if you have even a slight pitch you will need to look at alternatives. You might have a flat roof but would prefer something more understated than a roof lantern. Fortunately, there are other options for different types of roofs and tastes.

Flat Glass Panels 

Flat glass panels are similar to a roof lantern. They can be installed in a pitched roof like the one pictured, but can also be installed on a raised section on a flat roof called a ‘kerb’. Unlike a roof lantern, which is a 3D glass structure, it’s simply a flat pane of toughened glass. These are great if you prefer a ‘less is more’, clean, minimal look although it may deliver less light than a Roof Lantern. 

Flat glass roof panels

Velux Windows

If your roof is pitched, you may also want to consider a skylight window, the most popular brand being Velux. The advantage of a Velux is that they can be opened if airflow is required, but they are only appropriate for a pitched roof with a pitch of a minimum of 15 degrees (or 10 degrees for specialist ‘low pitch’ options.)

Velux Windows

Can I have a roof lantern in my SIP Extension?

Absolutely yes. Modern-day Roof Lanterns are lightweight and built to your specifications, making them a great option for both traditional extensions and SIP extensions. 

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