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Guide to styling your conservatory

Table of Contents

Conservatories make fantastic spaces to relax, play and enjoy your garden. Our customers often inspire us with their design and interior styling choices after we have completed our installation. Here are some of our top tips for styling your conservatory, inspired by our customers!


1. Start with a Clean Slate:

Before you start decorating your conservatory, make sure it’s clean and free of any clutter. Give it a good dusting, wiping down any surfaces and sweeping the floor. This will ensure that your decorating efforts are not wasted. If you have just had a conservatory roof replacement with us your room should be clean, tidy and ready for decorating!


2. Choose a Colour Scheme

Decide on a colour scheme for your conservatory. This will help you choose the right furniture and accessories to create a cohesive look. Consider using shades of white and pastel colours, as these will help to create a light and airy atmosphere. You can also use colour to create zones and draw focus to a particular area of your conservatory.


Colour scheme for your conservatory


3. Incorporate Nature:

Since a conservatory is often filled with natural light, use it to your advantage and include natural accents. Place plants throughout the room, hang some foliage from the ceiling, and use natural materials such as wood, stone, and rattan for furniture and accents. Macrame hangers are great, and we love the way this homeowner has used hanging plants to create a feature in this room.


Styling your conservatory with natural elements


4. Make it Cozy:

Add a few cozy touches to your conservatory to make it more inviting. Place a few throw pillows on the furniture, hang a cozy blanket over the back of a chair, and add a few warm-toned area rugs to the floor. Layering and playing with different textures can add warmth to a space and bring a softness, particularly in  conservatories which tend to be angular in shape and often have hard flooring.


Making your conservatory feel more cosy


5. Create Separate Areas:

If your conservatory is large enough, use furniture and rugs to create separate areas. Commonly known as ‘zoning’, this will help to define each area and make it more functional. Consider creating a seating area, workspace, or dining space. We love the example here of a cosy seating area and dining space, and we have seen some fantastic reading nooks and children’s play corners, too.


Zoning your conservatory


6. Add Accessories:

The finishing touches are just as important as the larger furniture pieces. Add some wall art, decorative trays, and other accessories to complete the look. This is where you can let your personality really shine through – we love the quirky pieces in this example.


Accessorising your conservatory


We hope you have enjoyed these conservatory styling tips, inspired by real-life installations. We think the most important thing is to create a space you really want to be in – whether that’s calming neutrals or bright, bold, lively maximalism.

We would love to see some of your conservatory interior design mastery, too!