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Sliding Door Maintenance Guide

Sliding doors maintenance guide

Table of Contents

Our easy sliding door maintenance guide gives you the basics for looking after your new sliding doors. As you will see, a lot of this is common sense – keeping obstructions out of the runners and generally keeping them clean will help keep your sliding doors looking great and functioning well for longer, and there are some cheap, easy-to-use products that you probably already own that we recommend here, too.

Read on for our essential tips for maintaining your sliding doors…

Check the door track:

Inspect the door track for debris, dirt, or other obstructions. Remove any debris or dirt and use a vacuum cleaner to clean out the track.

Keep the tracks and frames clean

Use a soft cloth and a non-abrasive cleaning solution such as warm soapy water to clean your door tracks. Washing up liquid diluted with plenty of water is absolutely fine for this – it will remove grease and grime without being overly abrasive. Important: Be sure to mop up any moisture after cleaning – use a completely dry, absorbent cloth or old rag to dry the runners and tracks properly.

Lubricate the tracks:

Apply a lubricant such as WD-40 to the tracks and rollers. This will help the door open and close smoothly.

Check the screws on the door from time to time, to make sure they are tight.

Loose screws can cause the door to become misaligned and can cause it to be harder to open and close.

If you spot any problems with your sliding doors and they are under ten years old, you may be under guarantee. Check with your installer as they may be able to help you. All sliding doors from Habify are covered under the manufacturer’s warranty for ten years from installation.