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Which is better – aluminium or composite doors?

Aluminium entrance door

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Entrance doors can have such an impact on the overall look of a property, so choosing one is
a big decision! Habify supply and fit both Aluminium and Composite Entrance Doors, but
which one is right for you and your property? We look at the key differences between
aluminium and composite doors to help you decide.

1. Aesthetics
While aluminium offers slim sightlines and a sleek, high end finish, while composite can
mimic the effect of solid wood and may lend itself better to more traditional properties.
Aluminium doors can make a real statement however, so if you are looking to add a modern
twist to a traditional home, it might be right for you!

2. Durability
Both composite and aluminium are known for their durability, but aluminium has the edge!
While a good quality composite door can happily last for around 35 years, aluminium will
give you at least 10-15 years more, so may be a better investment long term.

3. Energy efficiency
In terms of which is the best performing in terms of thermal efficiency, aluminium out
performs composite, but this doesn't mean composite is a poor choice when choosing for
energy efficiency! A quality composite door will hugely outperform any PVC door and still
give a u value of around 1.6Wm2K – well within the guidelines for building regulations.

4. Security
Aluminium is a strong, rigid and durable material, making it the toughest of the two, but
composite is is built to last and easily beats solid wood or PVC in terms of security. Both
come with locking systems and security features which exceed the industry standard.
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