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Why is my conservatory so hot in summer?

Why is my conservatory so hot in summer

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The biggest complaint we hear from conservatory owners is that the room gets too hot in the summer (and too cold in the winter) thus making the room practically unusable for half the year!
Greenhouse Effect
The reason for the sweltering conditions in your summer conservatory is all that glass. Rays of sunlight entering through the panes of glass convert to heat that can’t so easily escape. The warm air is trapped – a trick exploited in the design of greenhouses to grow plants that aren’t suited to our climate.
Conservatories were originally just that: rooms attached to grand houses to ‘conserve’ plants brought back from exotic expeditions. The modern suburban conservatory might house a few succulent cacti and the occasional spider plant, but is often used as a dining room, play room or peaceful child-free second lounge. Heat that might be welcomed by those tending a rare species of South American orchid is not so pleasant making everyone sweaty over the Sunday roast.
Our Solution
At Habify, we specialise in turning people’s conservatories into usable spaces by adding an insulated, tiled conservatory roof. This reduces the amount of sunlight entering and stops the creation of greenhouse conditions in the summer, whilst providing insulation to prevent your heating (and your heating bills) from escaping through the roof in the winter.
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