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Black Aluminium Windows & Doors in Hunstanton

This stunning property showcases both heritage and modern look black aluminium windows and doors.

Heritage black aluminium leaded windows
Window installation & Door Installation
Hunstanton, Norfolk
4 Days

Customer Problem

“This property in Hunstanton, Norfolk, needed windows and doors that would complement the heritage look to the front and give the back of the property a more modern feel, while still feeling cohesive.”

The challenge was to match the heritage features at the front while giving a modern look to the rear of the property

This coastal property had some really great original features that we wanted to complement, so it was important to go with a window style that echoed what would have been there previously. 

The black aluminium windows you see at the front echo the original steel frames and include traditional-style leaded glass.

The back of the property had uPVC windows and doors and the building here has a much more modern feel. Here we went with chic, modern, minimalist frames to maximise light and garden views.

Getting the details right

The finishing touches on any window or door fitting is the hardware. For the heritage style elements the customer chose these beautiful art deco black handles and for the doors and modern style aluminium windows a more minimalist, modern handle was just right.

Door glazing options - Maximising light without compromising privacy

This installation showcases the benefits of obscured or unobscured glass perfectly. The back door looking out onto the garden is part of an office space with one small window. The use of the clear glazing here makes up for that, allowing natural light to flow in throughout the day and giving fantastic views out to the garden. The addition of a fanlight above gives high-impact floor-to-ceiling views.

In contrast, we have the side door – again a potentially dark corridor space needing natural light but also requiring privacy from overlooking homes. The textured glass gives privacy without restricting light and again gives floor-to-ceiling impact with the matching fanlight above.

Photograph of the front and rear of the house with aluminium windows and doors

Project End

Project completion

This window and door installation was completed in 4 days. The new windows and doors look cohesive but complement the different aspects of this home. The house is now warm and more energy efficient (A+ rated windows and doors) and the windows and doors are low maintenance and durable. 

Door installation
Window installation

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