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‘Broken Plan Living’ and internal partition doors

Aluminium internal partitions and doors

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Trend Alert! ‘Broken Plan Living’ and internal partition doors

Broken-plan living may sound like a political buzzword but it’s actually being used to describe an increasingly popular interior trend. 

So what does ‘broken plan living’ mean?

In recent times, open-plan living has been the phrase on every homeowner’s wish list, with interior walls coming down left, right and centre. However, with the cost of heating our homes on the rise and hybrid or home working becoming more commonplace, people are now looking for ways to enjoy the benefits of open-plan living without sky-high heating bills and a lack of options for quiet spaces and break out areas.

‘Broken plan living’ means multi-functional, flexible living spaces. Enter, those clever solutions that allow for open-plan living on your terms. We’re talking partition doors and screening – solutions that zone off areas of your living space as and when you need them. Perhaps you want to separate your sitting room from your living space during chilly evenings, or your kitchen from a dining room while you’re working. 

For families in particular, open plan living seems great on the face of it, but eventually you may want the flexibility to have the TV on in one room and kids playing in the other, without completely sectioning off the space.

What are the big Broken Plan Living Trends?

Partition doors, particularly those in art deco style aluminium, are definitely on the up. We have installed these at several properties in and around Norfolk and Suffolk over the past 12 months, and it’s easy to see why! These doors and their accompanying glass panel surrounds not only screen off spaces, they also retain the room’s natural light and keep the open plan feel that we all love.

Why is aluminium so popular for internal partitions?

First off, they look completely timeless and seem to work in any property. We have installed them in converted barns, 1960’s bungalows and victorian terraces, and each one has looked amazing. 

Anyone who has considered aluminium doors or partitions will know they are not the most budget-friendly option compared with something like timber or uPVC, BUT they are built to last, and they will most certainly add value and a whole heap of style to your home. 

Additionally, because the frames are slim, they allow for plenty of light to flow through your home, and with double or triple-glazing options they will also provide an effective insulating and acoustic barrier, perfect for busy homes lacking in cosy, quiet living spaces. 

On a practical level, aluminium partitions tend to be built bespoke, so if you choose your fitter wisely (ahem, us!) you are guaranteed to get a perfect fit for your home.

Internal aluminium steel look doors

What do you think of Broken Plan Living?

If this sounds like a trend you can see working in your home, give us a shout and arrange a no-obligation quote with us – we’re happy to help and chat through some options that will work for you. We service the Norfolk and Suffolk area and cover parts of Cambridgeshire, too.